8 INSANE Tips To Become The BEST IGL - CS:GO

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0:00 Intro
0:43 QOTD
1:08 Establish Communication Rules
2:09 Effective Practice Routines
3:10 Use Your Players Effectively
4:03 Call To Your Level
4:50 Stay Calm
5:30 Be Dynamic
6:26 Ask For Suggestions
7:10 Watching Demos
9:11 Outro

This video is for: Anyone looking to rapidly improve at CS:GO, or learn various CS:GO maps such as Dust II, Inferno, Cache, and many others. This video is also great for beginner players looking to improve by learning strategies that will improve their CS:GO rank quickly.

Concepts: Rank up at CS:GO, CS:GO ranks, CS:GO improvement, get Global Elite CS:GO, CS:GO S1mple, CS:GO S1mple settings, CS:GO s1mple improvement.

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